Friday, 26 April 2013


30 Funny Android Pictures to Tease Apple users

1. Android Eats Away Apple

Android eats away Apple

2. Android happy about Windows and Apple RIP

Rip Windows and Apple

3. Android Biting Macbook

Android biting Mac

4. Android Stabbing Apple

Android Stabbing Apple

5. Apple gets a fix from Android

Apple gets a fix from Android

6. Android messing with Steve Jobs (Late)

Android messing with Steve Jobs

7. Head inside Android bin

Head inside Android bin

8. Android anatomy

Android anatomy

9. Batman Joker with Android card

Joker with Android card

10. Android Female Version

Android female version

11. Apple is Android’s breakfast

Android eating apple with spoon

12. Android Indian version

Android Indian version

13. Hungry Android

Hungry Android

14. Android losing dignity

Android sells Ads

15. Android vs iPhone – Do you feel lucky?

Android - Do you feel lucky punk?

16. Android pissing on Apple

Apple gets a piss

17. Android snipes Apple

Android shoots Apple

18. Android laser shoots Apple

Laser shooting Apple

19. Android and Apple: Alien Style fight

Alien fight between Apple and Android

20. Android Evolution

Android Evolution

21. Android trying to get along with Apple

Getting along

22. Apple in dustbin

Apple in dust bin

23. Apple fights back

Apple's fight

24. Android, the devil

Android devil

25. Android eats away all other mobile operation systems’

Android eats other mobile OS

26. Think Android

Think Android

27. Android in funny costume

Android funny costume

28. Android selling porn apps

Android sells porn/adult apps

29. Android kills Apple with a knife

Android Apple war

30. Any last words for Apple

Last words for Apple